Jeb Discovers Americans Discouraged About the Lack of Jobs

Ray Fones, Hernando County Democratic Executive Committee

Recently, the Tampa Bay Times published a article entitled “Bush’s  Labor Force Claim Has Validity.” The article rated Jeb Bush’s claim that millions of discouraged Americans have given up looking for work as “Mostly True.” The article also mentioned an earlier claim that the median income level of households is lower now than before the recession. Bush attributes both to President Obama’s poor job performance. Naturally.

Several thoughts come to mind and, I have to admit, they are pretty cynical. During the 2012 presidential race, Mitt Romney commented that, since things were certain to get better simply as a matter of course, he and other Republicans, once elected, would be able to take credit for an ...

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Time to Mark Hernando’s History of Lynchings With a Monument

Dan DeWitt, Hernando Times

Some of the darkest pages in one of the darkest chapters in American history were written right here in Hernando County.

And now we need to own up to it.

We need to give Hernando’s ugly past as a hotbed of racial violence the prominence it deserves — right on the lawn of the county courthouse.

I’ve previously written that Hernando had the highest per-capita rate of lynchings of any county in the country, based on the best information available. A new, more comprehensive analysis by the Atlanta-based Equal Justice Initiative, put Hernando’s rate as second-highest.

This should not be read as a contradiction of the previous report. Lynchings, by definition, happen outside the legal system, meaning documentation is bound to be spotty...

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Jeb Says He Will Harm Nation Differently from His Brother

Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker

Jeb Bush

In an effort to distance himself from the legacy of his brother, George W. Bush, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will use a major foreign-policy speech on Wednesday to assert that, if elected President, he would harm the nation in completely different ways.

“A lot of people are looking at me and thinking that I’m just going to be a rerun of my brother,” Bush told reporters before the speech. “They are greatly underestimating my ability to create chaos and destruction in ways that are uniquely mine.”

As an example, Bush said, he was unlikely to invade Iraq for a third time, calling such an action “too derivative.”

“George already did it, and Dad did it before him,” he said...

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Growing Economy Depends on Clean Energy

Christine Todd Whitman, Miami Herald

After years of economic stagnation, Florida’s economy and demand for electricity are growing.

Just last month, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity reported that the state’s annual growth rate has exceeded the national rate for almost three years, and that all 10 of the state’s major industries have experienced job gains. Simultaneously, Florida’s backlog of homes for sale is down, home prices are increasing and new buildings that require more electricity are going up.

Another driver for electricity demand is the fact that our lives and economy have become far more dependent on electronic devices like smartphones. In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts electricity demand will grow by 29 percent by 2040.

Florida is...

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