James Lee Singer, Dead at 90

Jim Singer

I lost a good friend of mine on Wednesday.

James Lee Singer, 90, was a remarkable man.  He was an accomplished artist who donated many of his paintings to be displayed at Pasco-Hernando State College.  Much of his collection of art can be viewed at his website www.jamessinger.com.

“Color in motion on a canvas” is the phrase he used to describe his paintings.  “Everything in this universe is in process of becoming more than it is.  My art seeks to embody the process philosophies of Alfred North Whitehead and Teilhard de Chardin.   Evolution has only scarcely begun.”

The magazine Cultural Affairs describes his art thusly:

“Well-known in New England, New York and Florida, Singer paints in a style that reminds us of Van Gogh, yet with a difference...

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Bush and Rubio Might Swing Florida for the GOP. But It Probably Wouldn’t Matter.

Scott Clement, Washington Post

The 2016 general election is 18 months away, but at The Fix it’s never too early to begin speculating about the fate of the all-important swing states. Or in this case, stamping out the inevitable speculation to come.

Consider this: four potential Republican nominees come from sizable swing states that could – who knows! – swing the presidential election. Florida is home to Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, Wisconsin to Scott Walker and Ohio to John Kasich. Only one potential Democratic candidate hails from a traditional swing state, Jim Webb in Virginia. (On the GOP side, Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson also live in Florida, but don’t have longstanding ties to the state.)

So we wondered: Could coming from a swing state boost a candidate’s chances of winning?


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Hernando Commission Pledges Sales Tax Vote for Road Money

Hernando Times

Facing a long list of road improvement projects and limited revenue to pay for them, the Hernando County Commission agreed on Tuesday to seek voter approval for a half-cent sales tax before 2018.

In November, voters rejected Penny for Projects, which would have replaced an expiring half-cent school sales tax and left another half-cent to be shared by the county and the city of Brooksville.

On Tuesday, consultant Bob Wallace again presented a $610.2 million long-range transportation plan that assumes $83 million in sales taxes will be collected from 2020 to 2040. Commissioners either had to promise to try again with voters or face cutting millions of dollars worth of projects from their road improvement plans.

Wallace has repeatedly told commissioners that they need to use a ...

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Cruz’s Presidential Ego Trip

Daniel Ruth, Tampa Bay Times

Well, it’s official. The Elmer Gantry of the Republican Party has announced he is willing to walk away from his 20-minute legislative career in the U.S. Senate to pursue the presidency.

What would we call the nascent presidential campaign of Ted Cruz, R-The Yellow Poseur of Texas, who barely figured out where the Senate men’s room was located before coveting the White House? The hustings equivalent of speed dating?

Even if Cruz were to be the only candidate in the Republican presidential primary, it would still be a crowded field to accommodate the politician’s unchained ego, hubris and narcissism. Talk about greenhorns and spam.

Cruz made his presidential announcement on the campus of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va...

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