Marco Rubio Panders in Saying Christianity ‘in Danger’ for Gay Marriage Stance

John Romano, Tampa Bay Times

Let’s make this point clear from the beginning:

Marco Rubio was pandering.

When he talked earlier this week about Christianity being under attack, he was using shameless, over-the-top rhetoric in a not-too-subtle appeal to evangelical voters.

So let’s put aside the motivation of the senator’s words and focus on something far more interesting:

Their veracity.

In the name of tolerance, have supporters of same-sex marriages become intolerant of Christian beliefs? And do Christians have a right to feel as if they are under siege?

Here’s what I would say:

Individually yes, but collectively no.

In other words, I am sure there are people who harbor no ill will in their hearts, and do not campaign against gay rights, but disapprove of homosexuality based on their relig...

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Hernando County School District Launches Sales Tax Campaign

Tampa Bay Times

Hernando County school superintendent Lori Romano launched the grass roots campaign for the upcoming vote on a half-cent sales tax by enlisting school administrators to spread the word of the district’s financial crisis.

“Principals and assistant principals, know your story,” Romano told the administrators gathered in Central High School’s auditorium Tuesday night.

“Nothing in the way of data and facts and figures, nothing in the way of any of that compares with you telling the personal story of your school.”

That story, for now, is about the need to replace aging roofs and air conditioning units, part of the $87 million dollars in deferred maintenance needs across the district.

After the School Board determines the other cuts needed to make up the district’s $12 million sh...

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Don’t Let Them Get Away with This!

Ray Fones

My daughter would not have died if medicare had been expanded in Florida. My granddaughter who has Crohn’s disease and who was kicked off of Medicaid when she turned 19 would have died if I had not been able to get her insurance through the ACA. She should have had Medicaid. In Florida, just this year alone, it is estimated that at least 2160 people will die due to the Florida House of Representatives blocking medicaid expansion.

Their reason? They say they don’t trust the federal government’s promise to pay for the expansion. Hmmmm. The truth is over a third of the Florida budget, money the legislators depend upon year in and year out, already comes from the federal government.

But now when the money could save the lives of thousands of Floridians and help thousands more, now wh...

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A Conservative Plan to Help the Uninsured

Tampa Tribune

Here is what you usually read about the Florida Legislature’s dispute over Medicaid:

The House leadership refuses to expand Medicaid as called for under the Affordable Care Act while Senate leaders want to comply with Obamacare.

That interpretation does not do justice to the Senate’s position, which by no means is meekly going along with Washington’s dictates.

The Senate is trying to protect Florida taxpayers while also addressing the needs of the working poor. It offers a plan that is more fiscally responsible — and conservative — than doing nothing.

The federal government made it clear last week that they plan drastic cuts to the Low Income Pool program, known as LIP, which is used to pay for indigent health care in Florida...

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