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July 4th Picnic Flyer

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Harvey G. Martin Democratic Center

HGM Democratic Center

Things are moving forward quickly for Democrats here in Hernando County. We steadily continue to make changes of organization and unification in 2015. These efforts will afford us better communication with local Democrats and more opportunity for “wins” in 2016. Our office location at 3432 Deltona Blvd is now open every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 1pm to 4pm and Saturday for “Coffee Talk” from 10am to 1pm. We have in the past referred to this location as our Democratic Headquarters, but have recently decided to start calling it The Democratic Center”, in an effort to encourage local Democrats to feel welcomed, and to realize it is the “hub” for information of “all things Democratic” here in Hernando County.

In conjunction with that name change, we are taking this opportunity...

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State Budget Shortcomings Clearer

Paula Dockery

Now that some time has passed since the Florida Legislature produced a state budget and the governor cut $461 million from it, we’re starting to see the results.

Tax cuts will be bragged about. But 840,000 Floridians are still uninsured who could have received subsidized private health coverage. And the voters’ will on Amendment 1, the water and land conservation measure, was completely ignored.

We are a low-tax state with no state income tax. A good portion of our revenues come from the sales tax, which means tourists contribute quite a bit to the funding of our government services...

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Why Do People Believe Myths About the Confederacy? Because Our Textbooks and Monuments Are Wrong.

False history marginalizes African Americans and makes us all dumber.

James W. Loewen, Washington Post

History is the polemics of the victor, William F. Buckley once said. Not so in the United States, at least not regarding the Civil War. As soon as the Confederates laid down their arms, some picked up their pens and began to distort what they had done and why. The resulting mythology took hold of the nation a generation later and persists — which is why a presidential candidate can suggest, as Michele Bachmann did in 2011, that slavery was somehow pro-family and why the public, per the Pew Research Center, believes that the war was fought mainly over states’ rights.

The Confederates won with the pen (and the noose) what they could not win on the battlefield: the cause of white suprema...

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No Shame Knows No Limits in Tallahassee

John Romano, Tampa Bay Times

The line exists. Of that, you can be sure.

Somewhere, there is a line that our state leaders will not cross. Call it morality. Call it decency. Call it integrity. Somewhere, there is a point where shame kicks in, and their conscience finally forces them to stop in their tracks.

Unfortunately, no one can locate that line.

Yes, it is a remarkable thing to witness the shameless in action. To see them deny the obvious and ignore the ironic.

You might have noticed a couple of headlines in recent days. One was about Florida suing the Environmental Protection Agency, and the other was about the impact of the governor’s veto of free clinic funds.

On their own, each of these decisions might be defensible...

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Some GOP Candidates Becoming Unhinged Over Gay Marriage Ruling

George Will, Washington Post

In 1824, in retirement 37 years after serving as the Constitutional Convention’s prime mover, James Madison, 73, noted that the 1787 “language of our Constitution is already undergoing interpretations unknown to its founders.” He knew that the purport of the text would evolve “with the changeable meaning of the words composing it.”

Now, 147 years since ratification of the 14th Amendment, its guarantees of “equal protection of the laws” and “due process of law” mean that states, which hitherto controlled marriage law, must recognize same-sex marriages. Anthony Kennedy’s opinion for the court said: “The generations that wrote and ratified the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment did not presume to know the extent of freedom in all of i...

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